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Investing in Exceptional Businesses

What We Offer


You will receive direct access to decision-makers, without any external pressure from an investment committee. 

We have significant experience working directly with founder-owned businesses during a sale, and will ensure a seamless process.

Long Term Focus

Unlike traditional private equity funds, 100% of CrestLake's efforts will be focused on the acquired company and creating long-term sustainable growth.


We are supported by an investor base that provides patient capital and is not solely focused on driving returns. 

What We Offer


CrestLake can provide a transaction that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Liquidity & Resources 

CrestLake offers a seller the capability to monetize all or a piece of their equity stake while being flexible to the seller's needs. ​

Our funding structuring allows us to target an investment size between $10 to $100 million, with the capacity to access additional capital as needed to fund further growth.

People First Culture

CrestLake knows that people are the heart and soul of any business. We will prioritize the company culture fostered by the seller and ensure a long lasting legacy.

We Are

Our Background

We are lifelong friends, who met in college at the George Washington University. Both of us went on to have successful careers in both finance and corporate law but soon realized that we were meant for the entrepreneurial path.

We want to leverage the skills we developed on how to grow companies from a high level and combine those with getting our hands dirty at the operational level to drive real change. We are driven by building great teams and creating positive outcomes for the long term. Entrepreneurship is in our blood and we want to continue that legacy.

Please see our team page to learn more.

Our Values

Trust & Integrity: We believe in always doing the right thing and understand that the right decisions are often not always the easiest. We are committed to building a foundation of trust with the existing employees.

Commitment: We are committed to running this company during both the ups and downs that any business may face. We will put in the sweat equity to deliver long-term growth while maintaining the legacy and core values of the business. 

Culture: We know that people are the backbone of any successful business and we will focus on building strong relationships with the employees of the business. As the Company achieves certain milestones, we will give back to the employees as we couldn't have gotten there without their contribution.

Who we Are
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